Elementary School

One of our most dynamic school levels with transversal project based learning covering national and international standards, which is divided 70% in English and 30% in Spanish.

We are seriously committed to the involvement and projection of our students in a global society.

That is why our educational model for learning and using English is an immersion experience.
Our constructivist model is concerned with the learning of the human being as a whole, and understands that education is a process of constant participation and interaction by the student.

Project based learning is the strategy that we have chosen to bring constructivism closer to the classroom. With project based learning we seek to involve students in situations that lead them to redeem, understand and apply what they learn as a tool to solve problems or propose improvements in the communities where they coexist.

At ASP we believe that this new paradigm confirms that a student's learning is motivated by various factors that interact with each other, being the result of the consolidation of the construction respecting the learning experience.

Join our school community and
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Think critically, work collaboratively and shoot for the stars!