Middle School

One of our most successful school levels, where the national and international standards are taught 80% in English and 20% in Spanish.

In middle school, critical and humanistic thinking is the educational model we use.

Based on the authors Vendrell and Rodríguez (2020), critical thinking is an active metacognitive process that, through the stimulation and coalition of certain skills, dispositions and knowledge, helps us to elaborate a premeditated and introspective judgment that directs us towards the action or resolution of the problem effectively and efficiently.

Based on the Common Core international standards and program, and the national standards and critical thinking program, our students develop skills where they apply their knowledge from technological progress and globalization resulting in gaining knowledge rapidly.

We shape students capable of adapting to changing and diverse environments, with the handling of information from a variety of printed and digital sources, developing complex, critical, creative, reflective and flexible thinking. All of which contributes to solving problems in an innovative way in collaboration with others while establishing personal goals and designing strategies to achieve them.

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