Psychopedagogy and Counseling Department

“Tell me something and I will forget it, teach me something and I will remember it, involve me in something and I will learn it”.
- Benjamin Franklin.

Currently, the Psychopedagogy and Counseling Department is made up of psychologists who attend to the Educational Needs of children, adolescents and young people in order to provide access to a quality education that promotes the development of their cognitive, social, physical and psychological abilities that ensure comprehensive and inclusive development in an environment of respect for human dignity through group and individual strategies.

Support Model

We rely on a support model attached to the special education program used in the Regular Education Support Services Unit (USAER) taken from the work material "Educational integration in the regular classroom" principles, purposes and strategies (García, et al. . al., 2000). The purpose is to provide guidance to teachers and tutors as well as care for children, adolescents and young people in the Ƶ of Pachuca community, through detection, intervention and monitoring of students that present a Special Educational Need coupled or not to a disability, triangulating the information to achieve comprehensive care.

Our job is to know that a diagnosis, attention and follow-up are not isolated actions for the same team, rather it is a collaborative task involving the school community. This team will be in charge of providing support both to teachers and to tutors who are open to knowing the psychological, cognitive and physical differences of their children. We understand that these differences do not mean there is an inequality, on the contrary, knowing the discrepancies of each person will allow an inclusive and equitable development, where students have the same opportunities to access education regardless of their origin, gender or condition.

We have an internal protocol and a manual for parents about the process.

We rely on the Hidalgo legislation: "Hidalgo Local School Coexistence Framework", and "Protocols for the Prevention, Detection and Action in case of Child Sexual Abuse, Bullying and Maltreatment in Basic Education Schools".

What are the current functions of the Department?

1- Preserve, improve and restore in children and young people the possibilities of learning.

2- Analyze and point out the organic, affective, intellectual, pedagogical or social factors that favor or harm good learning in the individual, group, and institutional spheres, proposing projects for favorable changes.

3- Provide guidance and advice on personal matters that affect the academic development of adolescents.

4- Prevention of risky behaviors.

5- Assistance in solving emotional and academic problems and conflicts.

6- Refer or work in interdisciplinary teams when learning problems or special educational needs are detected.

7- Help in the search for well-being and self-knowledge, to find the necessary resources for a better academic development.

8- Organize the necessary process to specify in each case, the psychopedagogical diagnostic impression, the prognosis and the learning strategies.

9- Generate a communication triangle between parents, teachers and the department to carry out an adequate psycho-pedagogical process.

10- Provide training to teachers in the intervention with students who have a special educational need, disability or outstanding aptitude.

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It is a support resource that provides accompaniment to adolescents and young people who have difficulties accessing learning, and/or behavioral and attitudinal problems.

Accompany and guide

Encourage decision-making for assertive communication.

Guidance and advice

About students' personal matters with confidentiality.

Prevention and promotion of

Risky behaviors and mental health.


Use of psychometric tests.

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Support Networks